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Islamic finance is a way to manage money that keeps within the moral principles of Islam. It covers things like saving, investing, and borrowing to buy a home.

The moral principles many Muslims live their lives by are sometimes known as the ‘Shari’ah’. So you may hear Islamic financial services described as ‘Islamic finance’ or ‘Shari’ah-compliant’.

Islamic finance is based on a belief that money shouldn’t have any value in itself. It’s just a way to exchange products and services that do have a value.

Linked to this way of thinking about money, is the idea that you shouldn’t make money from money. This means that wherever possible, getting involved in interest by either paying or receiving it should be avoided.

Another important idea that underpins Islamic finance is that it shouldn’t cause harm. For that reason, Islamic financial services should not invest in things like alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.

Islamic finance also encourages partnership. This means that, where possible, both profit and risks should be shared. This can be between two individuals, an individual and a business, or a business and a business.

Anyone can use Islamic finance products and services – you don’t have to be Muslim.

  • Financial Markets

    Our leading investment, liquidity and risk management solutions are all based on Islamic structures. And our onshore presence across Asia, Africa and the Middle East means we can give you access to many different currency markets.

  • Transaction Banking

    We offer a full suite of Shariah-compliant cash management and trading solutions. Our online platform gives you access to cash statements, trade reports and more – wherever in the world you do business.

  • Corporate Finance

    From our dedicated Islamic origination and structuring team based in Dubai, to our strong capital-raising ability in emerging markets, we're experts in Sukuk and delivering Islamic structured transactions. We're also recognised as a market leader in Islamic capital markets.

Inspired by the Arabic word for 'truthful', Mevarse’s global Islamic banking network has spanned Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. With our dedicated Islamic banking team working alongside a renowned advisory committee of scholars – as well as local Shariah supervisory committees for UAE and Qatar– we combine deep Shariah expertise with strong business acumen.

We put your beliefs and values first. With outstanding benefits, world-class customer service and relationship management, we offer perfectly tailored solutions for you and your business. We have a strong global network and have developed a wide range of best-practice Islamic financial services across many different countries. Our broad suite of fully Shariah-compliant products are designed to meet all your banking needs, in the market where you live and work.