Your free Mevarse Bank account.

Get your free bank account in just 5 minutes and manage your money right from your smartphone. Discover smart features that give you more control over your finances.

From investments and savings to stock and shares, get more experience with our digital platform.

  • Classic Account

    Access your classic account at any time which generates 1.0% monthly interest at a competitive rate. Withdrawals can be made at any time without having to give notice.

  • Smart Account

    Designed for mid income earners. Smart account holders can make transactions between 50,000€ and 99000€. Smart account generates 2.5% monthly interest.

  • Premium Account

    Designed for high income earners with an expected monthly interest of 5.0% and transactions above 100,000€.


Planning for what’s next in your financial future

Business Banking


The sooner you start saving, the bigger your child's nest egg will be. Open a mevarse account and start saving today. It will make it that little bit easier for your child or grandchild to go to university, get a driving licence or find a place of their own.

Having his or her own bank account is a good first step for your child to learn to how to manage his or her money. The children’s account lets you decide what your child can and can’t do with the account. This way, you can gradually increase your child’s freedom to make his or her own financial decisions, while you keep an eye on the account to make sure everything is in order.

Benefits Of Banking With Us

The bank that builds better relationships.


Mevarse Bank Self Service

Banking Has Evolved

From our digital currency rewards account to offering a seemless transaction with ease to being the first digital bank to unify digital accounts, Mevarse Bank is pushing the boundaries of what a bank should be. We’ve achieved a lot so far as innovators, which has earned us recognition. We are indeed the Most Innovative Bank you can think of.

We share a purpose to inspire and build better wealth and finance plan. With our combined tools, skills, resources, expertise, collective passion, and commitment to innovation, we're creating a better financial experience to help individuals and businesses achieve more.

An Easy Way To

Invest For Your Future

Whether you’re looking to generate income, grow your portfolio’s value, or a combination of both, we offer investments that match these objectives.

By offering you a transparent means of earning extra as you put your digital assets to work through investment banking portfolio, we are here to help you put your first foot forward on your biggest financial journey to greatness notwithstanding your level of knowledge in the crypto market and hemisphere.

How It Works

We’ve designed an effortless platform that provides all the information needed to make informed decisions and monitor your results.

Explore investment opportunities.

We offer more alternative asset classes than any other platform. Access institutional-quality investments without institutional costs.

Invest with confidence

From past performance metrics to background on our partners, we aim to provide all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Track your performance and earnings

Investments typically pay regular income, growth at maturity, or a combination of both.